SparkWeb 3.0 is the gateway to fully understanding how your ATM works for you!

As part of our offering to all our valued merchants you have exclusive access to an innovation in ATM convenience SparkWeb 3.0. To take advantage of this unique platform all you have to do is register!

  • A powerful online ATM monitoring & management tool
  • A secure customer gateway accessed through the Spark ATM Systems website.
  • A FREE service providing you with access to all your ATM’s information anytime and anywhere.


Ensure your Spark ATM is working for you the way it should by getting all information pertaining to your ATM’s performance. Enables you to track transactions, cash dispensed, cash remaining and assists with the reconciliation of cash dispensed from your ATM to the reimbursed value each day.


The ATM Account tab provides access to your reimbursements and ATM statements, allows you to update your ATM location, change banking details as well as order receipt paper.


The ATM Help tab will assist you to resolve technical errors. There are also easy to follow resolution guides and videos which will assist you to efficiently and effectively resolve technical errors that may occur on your Spark ATM.

On SparkWeb 3.0 you can:

  • Manage your profile.
  • Link multiple-owned ATMs to one profile.
  • View every transaction your ATM has completed.
  • Track the amount of dispensed cash per day.
  • Access your reimbursement reports, historical statements and performance graphs.
  • Order receipt paper.
  • Check your cash levels.