ATMs have become an integral part of most businesses today
ATMs have become an integral part of most businesses today

ATM Advertising

Earn extra revenue for your business through Spark ATM Advertising.

Spark ATM offers a range of on-screen ATM Advertising opportunities including the following:

  • Attract screen images each displaying for 5 seconds in a rotating loop
  • An in-transaction screen image which displays for 10 seconds
  • Receipt paper advertising comprising of horizontal lines of ± 36 characters printed on the front of the receipt plus image branding on rear of receipt paper
  • A total of 5 separate messaging opportunities during a focused period of 30 seconds allows your brand or product to be unpacked into a strong call to action message!


  • High quality digital targeted advertising in carefully selected locations across the country
  • Advertise in difficult-to-reach chains and independents, including Pick ‘n Pays, Spars, Saverites, liquor stores, pharmacies, resorts, pubs and hotels
  • 80% of cash withdrawals occur before the shopping so you can influence their buying decision before they withdraw cash and spend
  • We offer detailed market segmentation by province, city, town, street address, site type and trading hours to ensure you target the correct customer
  • We ensure full accountability by reporting on the exact number of consumer engagements per ATM
  • No competition from other brands on-screen, resulting in focused and attentive customers
  • Captive audience of 13 million viewers per month in all nine provinces of SA

Spark ATM screens are SA’s largest network of indoor digital advertising media.

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