1. Is an ATM right for my business?

The answer is probably ‘yes’. There are ATMs in almost every location that is visited by the public including convenience stores, supermarkets, liquor stores, pharmacies, delis, bars, nightclubs, currency exchangers, cinemas, hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals and post offices.

During our site survey, we will discuss the location with you and also survey the surrounding area for competing ATMs, review your customer base and business profile and agree on the best location to install the ATM.

 2. Who fills the ATM with cash?

You fill the ATM with the cash takings from your business. It’s often easiest to think of the ATM as being just another till. However you only need to put in enough cash to last each day – for most businesses this will be around R2500 – R10000. The diagram below outlines the process.

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 3. Which cards does the ATM accept?

All South African and international bank, ATM, debit and credit cards are accepted, including Diners Club, American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

 4. Is an ATM a security risk?

Because the ATM is merchant-filled, you control the level of cash in the machine. You therefore only put as much cash in the ATM as it needs (generally up to R10000 at any one time), so the amounts in the machine are very small compared to bank ATMs in the wall. For retail locations, the cash container is removed and the ATM door is left open overnight to publicly display that it is empty. In addition, the cash is located inside the ATM in a secure safe. These factors combine to make your ATM secure and an unprofitable and unattractive target for thieves.

For more information on security, contact us.

5. What if a customer has a problem with the ATM?

If the problem relates to their account, simply advise the customer that they need to contact their bank and the problem will be resolved. If the problem relates to the ATM machine itself, simply contact our Customer Call Centre and one of representatives will help you.

6. What fee do customers pay to use a Spark ATM?

Your customers will pay the same Saswitch fee as they would at any ATM. Each bank sets this fee individually.

7. Will I do enough transactions?

You only need 200+ transactions a month for an ATM to be profitable. That’s just one or two withdrawals a day. Read more about this: Calculate your return

8. How much cash do I put in my ATM?

Spark ATM Systems’ merchant-filled ATM means that you only put enough cash in the ATM to last you each day – and then nothing is left in the ATM overnight. For most businesses this means that they are only filling the ATM with between R2500 – R10000 per day, depending on your individual level of trade. This cash comes from your takings and is ‘banked’ into the ATM each morning, instead of taking it to your bank.

9. How long does it take for the dispensed cash to reach my bank account?

Cash that is dispensed by your ATM for every 24-hour period ended 7pm each evening is transferred directly into your nominated bank account the following day. These funds will reflect in your account that evening or the following morning, depending on who you bank with. All transactions for the weekend are batched and transferred on a Monday morning.

10. What are the insurance implications of hosting an ATM?

Because you fill the ATM with your own cash, there is no extra cash being brought on site. Therefore your current insurance policy for cash should still provide the cover you require. However we always recommend you inform your insurer prior to installation to avoid any confusion.

Spark ATM Systems provides a full parts and labour warranty for the ATM itself (ie the hardware), including all accidental or vandal damage. This warranty extends for the lifetime that the ATM is processing through Spark ATM Systems so you’ll never have any costs to keep the ATM in working order.

11. I’m definitely interested in hosting an ATM, but want to know more before making a final decision?

You can either call Spark ATM Systems directly on 0861 114 751, email us on info@sparkatm.co.za or complete the online Spark ATM Enquiry Form. We will then contact you and arrange a convenient time to visit your premises and perform a free site survey.

While on site we will also be able to answer any other questions you may have and will give you an independent opinion as to the viability of having an ATM in your business – we take into consideration competition from other ATMs, location, business type, customer numbers etc to give you an informed view as to the likelihood of the ATM being a success.

 12. Once I’ve signed up, how long will it take for my ATM to be installed?

Once we have all the relevant application forms and paperwork from you it normally takes around 2-4 weeks to get your ATM installed so you can start benefiting from increased footfall, increased sales, bank charge savings and transaction revenue as soon as possible.


 13. Will I be able to reconcile my reimbursed cash?

Of course you will. The ATM prints a Day Close report, which allows you to reconcile your daily-reimbursed cash. You will also receive a detailed monthly statement that clearly lays out your day-by-day transaction count and reimbursed cash amount.

14. How do I register for the Spark Web portal

Simply visit www.sparkatm.co.za and click on the Sparkweb login bar at the top right hand side of the homepage.

Then enter your ATMs terminal ID, e.g. SAS + 5 digits and the business owner’s cellphone number. The Sparkweb login details will then be sent to the business owner via sms. Should the owner have more than 1 ATM, the process would need to be repeated for each ATM.

Once you have received your login details click on register. You may login as often as you like from any location. SparkWeb can be accessed through your laptop, PC or mobile device.

To login enter your terminal ID followed by the password your received via sms. Then click Log in. Once you are logged in you will be taken to the dashboard of your ATM. The dashboard displays the last time our server contacted the ATM, the cash levels of the ATM in addition to the current state of the ATM.

Remember to log off once you have completed.

15. What if the ATM breaks down?

Your ATM is specifically designed for everyday use and has a very low level of down time. However, if the machine break down, we guarantee that we will return it to a working condition within 12 hours. Naturally, you won’t pay a cent for this service.

16. How do I maintain my ATM?

  • Daily Operations

1. Check that there are sufficient supplies in your ATM, including both printer paper and cash notes. Contact Spark ATM Systems to supply you with receipt paper if needed. You should always store one extra receipt roll inside the ATM.

2. Clean your ATM screen and front fascia and clear your ATM rubbish bin of old receipts.

  • Weekly Operations

1. Clean the surfaces of the Front Fascia (metallic blue part) using either a general surface cleaner (Mr Min) or a diluted detergent solution (washing up liquid and warm water) using a damp, lint-free cloth.

2. Clean the ATM’s LCD screen using only special LCD screen-cleanant and anti-static, not regular clothes. Do not clean the ATM screen with regular washing liquids. You may dust the screen with a dry duster.

3. Clean the grey side panels and illuminated topper with a damp moist cloth. Clean the mirror with a damp moist cloth

4. Clean the interior of the ATM with a duster

5. Ensure there are no cockroaches or bugs in ATM safe. Place insect repellant or bug traps at the bottom of the safe if there are.

17. How do I customize my low cash SMS alert levels?

Our system generates both a Low Cash and an Out of Cash SMS (at no charge) to notify you of these cash levels. The value for the Low Cash SMS is set by default to R2 500. However, should you wish this value to be adjusted to suit your business (for example raised to R5,000 or lowered to R1,000), please contact us and we will make this change for you. You may also select which of your employees you want to receive this SMS.

18. How do I deal with rejected banknotes?

Any cash that the ATM deems unsuitable to dispense is diverted to the ATMs Reject Bin, and not dispensed to your customer. This includes cash that may be torn, folded, cut and notes that are stuck together.

There may be instances where the Trial Cass may indicate that there is 1 note but there may actually be 2 notes in the reject bin. If 2 notes are stuck together, the ATM will drop the stuck notes into the reject bin. Please note that the ATM counts the number of drops and not the number of notes.

Always count the rejected notes and subtract them from the total amount of cash loaded when balancing, alternatively you can zero the cassette and reload it so that your cash count always balances.

Please check the Reject Bin every day for notes that have been rejected by the ATM. These notes should not be returned to the ATMs cash cassette but can be used elsewhere (if suitable.)

19. What do I do if I am out of receipt paper?

Email Spark ATM Systems on receipts@sparkatm.co.za to get 2 new rolls couriered to you free of charge.

20. How do I deal with Bank Unavailable or Communications Errors?

This may be due to GPRS reception issues or customers Bank may be offline. Ask your customer to try the transaction again. Reset the GPRS Modem with the red reset button on the side. If the problem persists, contact Spark ATM Systems on 0861 114 751 or email support@sparkatm.co.za