National network of over 3 500 ATMs
National network of over 3 500 ATMs

Why Spark ATM?

We provide ATMs to merchants throughout South Africa. We offer a full-service, including installing the ATM, providing the software, training and maintenance, and giving you, our customer excellent support and service.

CUSTOMER SERVICE We act fast when a query comes in and our ATM Customer Care Centre is available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We always put our customer first!
CASH IS REIMBURSED AUTOMATICALLY This greatly improves the ease of operating your ATM and improves your business’s cash flow.
  • A daily breakdown of reimbursed cash that can be reconciled to your bank statement
  • The total number of transactions per day
  • Your total rebate paid for the month

You will always have peace of mind and be able to reconcile your cash dispensed with cash reimbursed leaving you time to run your business.

UNIQUE ON-SCREEN DOTS GUIDE Our unique on-screen dots guide ensures that you will always know how much cash is inside your ATM simply by glancing at the screen.
UNIQUE MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES The full colour screen and ATM receipt offer an ideal opportunity for your own in-store marketing and promotions.
LATEST ATM TECHNOLOGY AND SIGNAGE We supply the leading ATM hardware, suitable for front or rear-load installations, plus all the internal and external signage you require to promote your convenience ATM.
BRANDED OR UNBRANDED ATM Choose between a White Label or a Bank branded ATM.
THE SPARK ATM IS A SASWITCH ATM The Spark saswitch ATM can be used by all cardholders, local and international for debit and credit cards.
Our flexible pricing structures and different installation options ensure that we have the right ATM deal for your business.
  • Attractive gun-metal finishes
  • Full-colour screen
  • La Gard electronic combination lock
  • Dual-sim (Vodacom and MTN) GPRS modem
  • Robust steel cassette
CONNECTIVITY We use dual-sim wireless GPRS modems in our ATMs.
SPARKWEB SparkWeb is your secure gateway accessed through the Spark ATM website. It allows you to:

  • View every transaction your ATM has completed
  • Identify the amount of dispensed cash each day
  • Access your reimbursement reports, as well as historical statements and performance graphs


Engen Convenience Centre, Gauteng

Spark continually delivers good service and we are very happy with our ATM, but what I like most about Spark is that they cover the needs of the local people. Now even our local people have access to cash. Keep up the good work Spark.

Patrick Xa