Attract more customers to your store!
Attract more customers to your store!

Return on Investment

Make up your own mind about the financial benefit of a Spark ATM… you do the maths

The Return on Investment from your Spark ATM are positive from the first month of operation. There is no lengthy payback period before you start seeing the benefits.

But will it work for you? Use the ROI calculator below to decide for yourself.

Fill in the assumptions below for your business. We have already filled in our standard ATM pricing and certain industry averages, but you can change these. There are no other hidden costs.

Calculate the ROI of your Spark ATM


Average withdrawal amount (Saswitch Avg is approx R450) R
Cost of ATM per month R
Number of transactions per month
Withdrawn cash spent on your premises (between 10-40% of withdrawn cash is spent on site) %
Your gross profit margin %
Rebate paid to you per withdrawal R
Your existing cash deposit fee (in cents per R100 deposited) c
Average credit & debit card fee (The fee that your bank charges you per credit and debit card swipe) %
Swing in turnover from card (credit/debit) to cash %
Current turnover (per month) R


Total cash withdrawn per month R 450,000
Additional turnover (withdrawn cash spent in store) R 90,000
Increase in profit (as a result of additional turnover) R 27,000
Rebate received R 1,000
Cash deposit fee savings R 7,875
Debit/Credit card fee savings R 140
Cost of ATM (R 1,299)
Financial Benefit of your ATM per month R 34,716
Value to your business of each ATM transaction R 34.72