National network of over 3500 ATMs
National network of over 3500 ATMs

Partnership Model

A merchant-filled ATM

This is the simplest and most effective way to operate an in-store ATM, where you use your own cash to fill the machine. You only need to put in as much as you need for a single day’s transactions. Therefore the amount of cash inside your ATM is generally quite low. The amount withdrawn by your customers is automatically transferred to your nominated bank account, saving you trips to the bank, and expensive cash deposit fees.

In this manner, you are able to effectively recycle cash through your ATM as up to 50% of withdrawn cash will be spent on your premises.

From a security perspective, you don’t have to leave your premises to deposit your cash at the bank, and can now do so into your ATM’s safe in the security of your own premises.

Also, you don’t have to deal with Cash-in-Transit company guards with armed rifles filling your ATM in your store while your customers look on in horror.

An overview of the merchant-filled ATM cash replenishment process

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While we provide the hardware, technical capability and infrastructure to ensure your ATM works as intended, your investment in an ATM is a partnership between ourselves. To this end, we ask that you provide the following functions to ensure the ATM’s ongoing success:

  • A well lit and clean ATM at all times;
  • A constant electrical power point terminating at the ATM;
  • A fully cashed ATM thereby ensuring that the machine is always able and ready to dispense cash to your customers

Remember, an ATM is only an ATM if it is able to dispense cash!


We will undertake a free ‘no obligation’ survey of your business to check on your behalf that it can successfully support an ATM.

We do not recommend an ATM unless we believe that it will work for your business and make you money!
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