Keep your customers happy and loyal with an in-store Spark ATM
Keep your customers happy and loyal with an in-store Spark ATM

Key Benefits


ATMs have become an integral part in many businesses because they offer multiple benefits to the merchant and consumer, including:

  • Increased Sales

An ATM is a revenue-generating tool as customers spend a large portion of the withdrawn cash on the premises. Depending on the nature of the business, this amount can be between 20-80% of the cash.

  • Increased Footfall

Your premises become a destination simply because an ATM is hosted on site, thereby attracting increased footfall and patronage.

  • Cash Deposit Fee Savings

Treat the ATM as your own ‘mini-bank’ and recycle excess cash through the ATM, thereby saving on expensive bank deposit and cash handling fees. Whatever cash is dispensed by your ATM is reimbursed directly back into your nominated account without any fees.

  • Earn Rebate Income

We pay you a R1.00 rebate per ATM withdrawal. Your ATM is therefore a revenue-generating asset.

  • Reduce Credit and Debit Card Fees

By promoting the use of cash in your business, you can reduce your credit and debit card processing fees, thereby also reducing cheque-related fraud, dishonored cheques and credit card charge-backs.

  • Customer Service

Customers like to have access to their cash in a familiar, safe ATM environment. By providing your customers with this service, you will keep them satisfied, earn their loyalty and ensure they don’t go to your competitors for this service

  • Marketing

The ATM receipt and colour screen offers an ideal opportunity to promote your latest promotion or advertising campaign


* Statistical information obtained from Harris International Marketing Consumer Tracking Programme.