ATMs have become an integral part in most businesses today
ATMs have become an integral part in most businesses today

Company Profile

At Spark ATM, you’ll find an energetic business environment where employees are encouraged to be innovative in the way we do business to give us the edge in the ATM industry, through our premium customer service experience.

Our organisational culture is defined through our mission, vision and values, which are translated into specific goals for each area of our business.

We specialise in providing a turn-key and hassle-free in-store ATM to South African businesses. Our entire focus is on delivering the highest possible levels of customer service and we are relentless in our pursuit of this goal. ATMs are our key focus area – we devote all our efforts to ensuring that your ATM operates effectively so that you obtain the maximum benefit from your machine.

Spark ATM Systems has grown from humble beginnings into a national organisation with sales and technical capabilities across South Africa. From our headquarters in Cape Town, our Head Office team co-ordinates the sales, installation, maintenance, monitoring, and reporting and call-centre requirements for our ever-growing network of ATMs.

Installation history as at November 2018

  • Spark ATM Systems’ philosophy

Our philosophy is to always place our customers first, to partner with market leaders, be a respected authority within our industry and to employ exceptional talent, with the clear understanding that people create wealth while companies only report it.

  • Our technological advantage

Through our partnership with our major international hardware supplier, we are able to offer our clients throughout South Africa the latest ATM technology which is geared to serve the particular needs of the South African market.

  • Our operating environment

South Africa is currently enjoying its longest uninterrupted growth phase of the past 40 years, unprecedented growth in the card issuing, acquiring and banking sectors and improving demographics as a result of combined private and public sector initiatives. The country is well positioned to become the Hong Kong of Africa – an engine of growth in its own right and a springboard to facilitate access to the rest of the continent.

Spark ATM Systems is excited to be operating in a high-growth sector within a high-growth country and we believe that the future is limited only by our imagination and combined determination.

Our national sales & service footprint


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We have had great success with the Spark ATM. It’s a great way to save bank charges and boost turnover. On Saturdays and month-end, we have long queues at the bank ATMs in Milnerton. Now we are able to draw those customers into our store and most make purchases once inside. I have used other merchant-filled ATMs on the market and the Spark ATM is by far the easiest to use and the monthly reports I get from them are great. We highly recommend all convenience store owners to take advantage of this great product from Spark ATM Systems.

Louis Havenga