SparkWeb 2.0 is a free online ATM monitoring portal that provides you with all of your ATMs’ information.

An online portal for site owners and banks to monitor ATMs in real-time, SparkWeb offers a full self-help portal driving maximum uptime and first-time resolution of queries.

Access all of your ATM information from anywhere, anytime through the official Spark ATM Systems website.

Session validation is required every time you access SparkWeb. This ensures your privacy and security.

Monitor your ATM’s cash flow and cash availability to help plan your loading frequency.

  • Manage your profile.
  • Link multiple-owned ATMs to one profile.
  • View every transaction your ATM has completed.
  • Identify the amount of dispensed cash per day.
  • Access your reimbursement reports, historical statements and performance graphs.
  • Order receipt paper.
  • Check your cash levels.