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19 Feb 2013 – Cash continues its hold in SA

Beyond 2020, trends predicted include non-cash payment methods and removing the circulation of cash (and as a result guns and crime) from society, thus fulfilling the talk about becoming a cashless society. Cash continues its hold in South Africa  

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11 Jan 2013 – Is cash still king?

There is much talk about becoming a cashless society; consumers are asking whether the banknote will still be a valuable commodity in the future. Children are worried about their parents keeping cash in the house and not embracing technology. Is cash still king?    

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09 Aug 2012 – Cashless at the Olympics

A total of 8.8 million tickets were sold for the London 2012 Olympics for events spanning 19 days. Basic math says potentially 463,157 spectators were in attendance daily at 34 Olympic venues — with exactly eight Visa-only ATMs to serve them all. Cashless at the Olympics

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